Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Good Wednesday morning.

It was such a busy Tuesday in the Legislature; we’re just gonna dive right into the news and notes.


@JesseRodriguez: There were no COVID-related deaths yesterday in New York City, where the vaccination rate is over 90%.

@FPWellman: There’s no going “back to normal.” There’s no “overreacting to (Donald) Trump.” There’s no “moving past 1/6.” History is littered with examples of how failure to stand up to political violence and growing authoritarianism ends with them in power and millions suffer. We need change now!

@BennyJohnson: (Ron) DeSantis is the perfect example of how every state should be led. He puts Americans First, he keeps Florida open, and lets Floridians live free, and as a result, his state has one of the lowest COVID rates. This is how all of America should be.

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@Annette_Taddeo: News flash, sweetie: Democrats don’t suffer from blind allegiance to blowhards who emulate dictators, like your boss. We support policies like expanding Medicaid and standing up for small businesses — things GOP voters want but have no chance to get under little Ronnie’s regime.

@IlleanaGarciaUSA: As the child of an immigrant who escaped the terrors of #communism for a better life, I ask others to step up & say NO to delisting #FARC, a well-known terrorist organization enabling other totalitarian regimes like #Cuba, #Venezuela, and #Nicaragua

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