VA early cannabis sales bill defeated (Newsletter: March 1, 2022) – Marijuana Moment

VA early cannabis sales bill defeated (Newsletter: March 1, 2022) – Marijuana Moment

RI legal marijuana hearing; TX smokable hemp case at high court; PA psilocybin bill amended; ACLU wants drug decrim in ME

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Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of a Nixon-era federal commission’s recommendation that marijuana should be decriminalized. But half a century later, federal cannabis laws remain fundamentally unchanged—even by the current president who promised decriminalization on the campaign trail.

The Rhode Island House Finance Committee held a hearing on a bicameral marijuana legalization bill as well as a competing proposal from Gov. Dan McKee (D).

The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case challenging the state’s ban on manufacturing smokable hemp products.

A Pennsylvania representative amended her psilocybin research bill to win more support, but she’s worried it might not advance because a key committee chair “shifted course due to an overdose death in her district” allegedly involving “magic mushrooms.”

The ACLU of Maine and Maine Center for Economic Policy published a report urging the state to decriminalize drugs. A decrim bill passed the House of Representatives last year but later stalled in the Senate.


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published the first annual update of an ongoing review of cannabis and other plant-based treatments for chronic pain.

A federal judge dismissed an ayahuasca church’s lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick …….


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