Natural Alternatives to Kratom Tea You Must Know – Influencive

Natural Alternatives to Kratom Tea You Must Know – Influencive

In an interview with a kratom consumer named Folan, he stated the following points:

“When an addict craves for substance, it is because that specific mood receptor in the brain is empty. When one takes kratom, the it satisfies that mood receptor, which sends out neurotransmitters to the pain in the body helping that pain to dissipate.”

He says, as it is included in the coffee family and we can’t overdose on coffee due to its powder form, the same goes for kratom tea. It has almost the same addictive effect as coffee but overall its beneficial effect is more. He further stated that it helped him a lot in relieving pain and also gave him a sense of euphoria.

Many types of research happen to occur on kratom tea in past as well as now, and according to these reports, people enjoy the beneficial effects of kratom a lot. Due to this, its negative impacts are ignored, which occurs to be few in comparison to the benefits.

As we know that the increasing amount of chemical additives used in the medicinal industry is becoming a concern for many people now, so they take interest in natural products and remedies a lot. Besides a cup of kratom tea, a lot more substances have been discovered as natural alternatives to kratom for pain. While some of these herbs similar to kratom are among the best natural products in the world, they still cannot fully replace kratom.

Leading Kratom Tea Alternatives

The following safe and non-addictive herbs can provide these benefits:

Also known as blue Egyptian lotus and blue Egyptian water lily, Blue lotus is a water lily with a history that goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilizations. Blue lotus is grown on the river Nile even today and is used to reduce discomfort. It also produces a mild euphoric effect.

Kava Kava is believed to help manage anxiety and produce a calmer state of mind. Kava is a plant used traditionally for its relaxing, mood-enhancing ability, and sedative effects. Native to the South Pacific Islands, it is now found in food stores. It acts on the body’s inhibitory system i.e. activates GABA neurotransmitters and in this way relieves pain. The main disadvantage is its over sedative action found in some consumers. Long-term chronic use can lead to hepatic damage. They also interact with some psychiatric medications, reducing their efficacy and altering their effects.

Marijuana, a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant is used in medicinal activities. Though not legal in many parts of the world, it serves its …….


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